3 Ways to Get More Customer Reviews and Testimonials

Customer reviews and testimonials not only prove your business is legitimate, but they’re also a powerful advertising tool. Unfortunately, most local businesses find that just a small portion of their customers leave a review.

So how can you encourage yours to leave more? Check out these 3 simple tips that can help you get results…

1. Ask them! – Simple but effective, actually asking your customers for a review often works. When you go out to lunch, notice the waiter will usually ask you if everything is ok. Businesses don’t tend to do this when they sell products or services. So, following on from a purchase, send a quick email to ask for customer feedback.

2. Snail mail – It might have been taken over by digital communications, but snail mail can still be a very effective way to get customer reviews; particularly for local businesses targeting local customers. It adds a personal touch and the customer is much more likely to pay attention to direct mail they receive.

3. Link your reviews – Got some great useful reviews? Link to them on your website. It makes the customers feel great and encourages more to review your services in the hope of getting noticed.

Contact us if you would like professional help with your review process and online reputation.

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