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Artemis Interior

Contact: Beth Berg
Home Denver CO Work Phone: 720-837-0853 Website: Artemis Interior
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Home staging is the art of taking a home and transforming it into a merchandised product that appeals to the most amount of people. Your staged home sets it up to produce an emotional connection in buyers. People make expensive decisions based on emotion, they can forgive something that is missing from their must have list if the rest of the house makes that crucial connection. The best part about getting your home staged is that it preps the house so much for the sale that it takes stress away from the seller!

At Artemis Interior, we don’t believe in spending a fortune in interior design. We believe that your good taste and existing furniture and accessories are the right items we need to get started, and we don’t want to spend a ton of time getting finished.

We call it one day design, or use what you love decorating.

Home design and house staging are flip sides of the same coin. Color consultation and organization come with every meeting.

If you are ready to sell your house, or ready to get a refreshed look for your home, call us!

Artemis Interior of Denver, Colorado – One Day Home Decorating – House Staging – Color Consultation

Categories: Interior Design & Home Staging
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