Why Video Testimonials Can Increase Conversions

Video marketing has become one of the most successful and effective forms of advertising in today’s digital world. However, few businesses realize just how important video testimonials can be.

Did you know that a video testimonial can drastically improve confidence and trust in your brand? Read on to find out why…

Video testimonials dispel customer fear

A video testimonial does far more than just recommend your service – it can also help to dispel fear in the customer.

There are a number of barriers your company faces when trying to make a sale. One of the most difficult to address is doubts about your service. A potential customer wants to know two main things before they buy from you:

• Whether your products or services are worth the money
• Whether they can trust you

Therefore, it’s especially effective if you can get a video testimonial from customers who may have initially had doubts, but were impressed by your service. This reassures other customers and helps to build trust.

Proving authenticity

Anybody can fake an online written review. It’s wrong, but it does happen. Video testimonials on the other hand, show a high level of authenticity and are taken a lot more seriously than written reviews.

There’s also the added benefit that comes from body language. When potential customers see a happy, smiling customer giving a positive review of your business, they’re going to want to experience that same level of happiness. It’s much more effective than simply reading words on a screen.

Video testimonials are great for getting new customers, but they can also be difficult to receive. It’s hard enough convincing a customer to leave a short written review so how can you get them to put the effort into a video testimonial?

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